Rails Play video

Hi Folks,

I want play videos, the src file should i get from assets/videos.

I just created one folder in my assets like videos and placed one .mov file.

In my view,

But its not working. Please advice.

I don't think you use the assets part of the path in Rails 3.1+. Try it with just /videos/video.mov and see what happens then.


Using the HTML you have above, you'd need to house the movie under
#{Rails.root}/public somewhere, rather than #{Rails.root}/app/assets,
probably something like:


Then, your source tag should use:


I would definitly keep such large things out of the asset pipeline, as
it would bog down assets:precompile a lot.

It's also something I'd definitely not want in my repository with my
code; I'd have some other way of versioning/deploying it.