What's the most compelling way to do AJAX/Interactive applications with Rails?


So as I've said before, I'm coming to Rails from ColdFusion. In
ColdFusion 8, there is are strong, albeit somewhat templated AJAX

What sort of options are out there for AJAX with Rails?



Ron wrote:

What sort of options are out there for AJAX with Rails?



Hi Ron, coming from CF myself, I've faced the same issues. I
originally tried using RJS (baked into rails), but it left me with the
same feeling of using cfform tags. I'm also a fan of unobtrusive
javascript and I couldn't find an easy way to use those principles
with rjs.

Currently, I'm creating a new app that uses dojo toolkit. It's an app
all done on one page (the public/index.html file) that uses all the
rails controllers as json providers.

I like not being tied to one library.

Definately check out:


Unobstrusive Javascript for Rails. Awesome plugin that allows for
applying those principles with rjs.

It’s not supported anymore, Dan Webb posted his reasons and he’s perfectly right. Use LowPro instead and do it in Javascript itself. Using Rails 2 it’s perfectly possible to generate javascript with erb parsing and combining that with LowPro, you have a pretty powerful tool at hand.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt