What's the Fuss About Fuzz?

Do we really need another anti-IE flamefest?

Eh? Not sure if you were joking, but I'm pretty sure Joe wasn't bashing IE. It's just a tool for breaking all sorts of stuff. I'll tell ya, Firefox sure could use some Fuzz as well in the javascript domain. Safari could use some fuzzing tests in how it handles the HTTP protocol as well. Everything is suspect really.

Mostly because writing software really sucks (and no, Haskell don't fix it :-).

Aye. It was just lame humor posted during a moment of boredom.

Based on this thread, I've been checking out fuzz and it looks pretty cool.

-- James

Zed A. Shaw, MUDCRAP-CE Master Black Belt Sifu

ok, Joe and Zed Shaw is the same guy and he replies emails by his other half ?

is there a transformation involved like in dr jekyll and mr hyde? :slight_smile:

When you become a MUDCRAP Certified Engineer, you too will be able to pretend to be me so well that others confuse you with me and all my powerful glory.

What is Rails, is it like a simple case tool? Can I use VB to write the code instead of that other language?

Thanks The Grand Master

You shouldn’t be posting this message to this mailing list, but here are some links that might clear things up a bit:



… and no, you can’t use VB to write your code, do your dishes, mow your lawn and make your coffee :slight_smile: If you want a VB clone, have a look at REALbasic.

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Peter De Berdt

Ahh, ok, thats a shame. I wanted to use VB so that it would be robust.

Thanks Anyway The Grand Master

Peter De Berdt wrote: