What is the future of Ruby on Rails? MySQL? Compare with Java, MS SQL or Oracle?

Just got into this ROR world, and wondering around! Would like to
hear what others think about ROR.


What is your point? What exactly do you want to compare? You're
listing things that are barely comparable.
Ruby On Rails cannot be compared with Java, and certainly cannot be
comapred with database engines.

That doesn’t help him much, why can’t they be compared. (Ok I know the answer but he might not)

Ruby on Rails is a framework, Java is a language, the rest are databases.

In my opinion de future of RoR is brilliant. It does certain things
much better than other environments. Ruby is extremely powerful and
flexible, which translates into an extremely powerful and flexible
framework: Rails.

Java is a great language and incredibly robust for certain things but
for web development, which is RoR's target, there is simply no
comparison. For the few languages I know compared to RoR, once you
have used RoR everything else "feels heavy" or unstructured, depending
on the language/environment.

MySQL is piece of cake to use with RoR. I have not used MS SQL with
RoR but I've used it with Java. I guess that once you get the right
adapter and everything is set up correctly it will work fine with RoR,
like everything else. The other one I have used with RoR is Oracle and
again, it was a bit of a pain at first finding out the right adapter
and stuff like that but once set it works just fine. That's one thing
that it is incredibly good about RoR, how easy it is to work with
databases through ActiveRecord.

I hope this helps.

Are you trying to get the list to do your homework, or just start a
flamewar? Neither is recommended.

--Matt Jones

Personally? I like it.


Check out the InfoEther Ruby on Rails Ecosystem White Paper. They
pulled together months of research to give you a detailed view/outlook
on Rails from top to bottom. It was just released so it is very up-to-

I think it's a must read. Below is the link: