What have you proven?

I'm lost why your doing test using WEBrick. Unless you plan to use it
as your production server you're likely to get a completely different
profile of results using Apache.

You've proven that there is a difference between performance of 2.2.2
and 2.3.3 under WEBrick. The question is what does that mean? That may
be reflected in Apache or Nginx or the results could be completely the
opposite. WEBrick results could be a hint as to what happens in real
production servers but you don't know until you try you benchmarks on
real production servers.

Also, you benchmarks need to reflect your actual workload but as Opera
would say 'thats a whole nother show'.

I am confused about what this message is about. There is no
indication as to who you are asking and what you are referring to. Is
it a follow up to a previous message, if so where is the quoted text
so we can see what it is about?

Perhaps it is a problem at my end not linking it to a previous
message, in which case apologies. Even if that is the case it is
always a good idea to include some quoted text so the message more or
less stands on it's own.