Web brick is it that bad

Hey guys, I've been a .net developer for a long while and started
getting in to rails lately,

I was just wondering thou, is there any reason to use say apache or
lighttpd over web brick for development. From playing around with it,
it seems to be fine, is there some limitations besides maybe


I use it for the point of development where I'm not too terribly concerned
about my environment; eg when I'm making a few small changes then want to
have "script/server" running so I can quickly refresh to see my changes. And
I haven't seen any problems either!

When I'm at the point of showing my work to a client, beta-testing it, or
want to see it running in a "real" staging environment, I always go with


I concur. Webrick is fine for development, and probably for testing too. I guess the reason people use Apache etc, is that they are more comfortable having an environment similar to their production environment.

Cheers, I was under the same impression, for staging and production
you need something more scalable I agree.

I just wasn't to sure if web brick was suitable for development, if it
had any problems, thanks for clearing that up