What happens to RJS in Rails 3

I know that Rails 3 ideal of unobtrusive javascript will result in the
removal of all inline javascript. But where does that leave RJS?

It looks like PrototypeGenerator is still a part of the Rails core, so
I'm going to assume that RJS templates will remain unchanged. Still
looks like gems/plugins such JRals will be necessary for use of other
JS frameworks.

Can anyone confirm or deny the fate of RJS in Rails 3?

Lazy answer: grab the beta and find out!


I believe that RJS will still exist, and it will still use prototype
by default; but in Rails 3, it's easier to swap in other "RJS
adapters,: and I think that Rails 3 will ship with a jQuery adapter as
well in case you don't want to use prototype.

But it's not been easy for me to keep up with the details in Rails 3,
so I might be wrong and getting the latest beta build is the best way
to go . (Seems to me Rails 3 has been driven by Yehuda more than the
community, I don't think there was a roadmap for project plan of any
sort that would helped to alleviate questions like this one).