What exactly does an .html.erb file do?

Hi everyone,

I've been setting up a web application on my host (mediatemple) using the restful_authentication with the guidance offered by a few help files and the video from Railscast. Everything went fine with the installation, configuration and database migration, but whenever I run it, this error pops up:

Processing SessionsController#new [GET]   Session ID: 5c4c2fe4d0f72f51aef1bbe4e9b391a1   Parameters: {"action"=>"new", "controller"=>"sessions"}

ActionController::MissingTemplate (Missing template /home/xxxxxx/containers/rails/beta/app/views/sessions/new.rhtml):

Now when I flip over to that directory, I have:

:/home/xxxxxx/containers/rails/beta/app/views/sessions$ ls new.html.erb

Is there some missing file association that I need to setup or ?

What version of rails are you running on? Rails 2.0 uses the new extensions of .html.erb which indicates that it’s in a HTML format written in ERB, where as previous versions of rails still use the old .rhtml extension. You may have to rename the file to .rhtml.