What do you use for online payments in Canada?

It seems that all the payment gateways that I can find are limited to the US (braintreegateway, authorize.net).

What do you guys use if you are located in Canada? I would prefer payment gateways that are included in ActiveMerchant.


I haven’t used any… but a quick google search gave me http://www.optimalpayments.ca/ as the first result.

You could try going through your bank, but it could be a pricey proposition.

  • Justin

Chris -

I have found a few by searching as well, but the results are places that I have never heard of or been able to find reviews on.

After checking out the activemerchant site I found they have a list of the supported merchants, so that is a start.


As I mentioned it would be nice to have the service included in the ActiveMerchant plugin