what do you think it's better for pagination?

will_paginate or kaminari?

I’ve used both, but prefer kaminari.

I like kaminari’s concept of scopes and using views rather than the method will_paginate uses.

I've used both.
In will_paginate I often use the helper "page_entries_info" but I
don't find it in kaminari.

Assuming you're just using ActiveRecord, it depends what fits your
implementation preference better. I've used will_paginate much more,
it's solid and well vetted and I'm familiar with it. Sometimes I'll
implement my own pagination though, which isn't hard.

RyanB does a little comparison at the end of this

If you didn't know this already, you can see an aggregate of how many
people are using one or the other and spot trends in the code
maintenance at ruby-toolbox.



What struck me here is that Kaminari depends on a bunch of gems

while will_paginate depends on none.

Is that a relevant element in a comparison?


It can be a problem... but I don't think so in this case. According to
their gemspec, they are comparable. Notice that except for dependency
on railties, which you are most likely including in your own project
anyway, the rest in Kaminari are for the development environment.

If ever I can't decide, I go with the one that has the better