preferred way to do paginate today?


what is the preferred way to do paginate now? It appears the built in paginate is deprecated, but maybe that was the "classic" paginate and the new one is better. Or is it will_paginate, or something else? I also found Arpaginate by searching.

(the newbie dilemma: too many choices :slight_smile:


It seems like the majority are using will_paginate now. I am still using classic pagination and it suits my needs well. Good luck :slight_smile:


rubynuby wrote:

I think there are only two worth considering at the moment. will_paginate and paginating_find. They're both good and very easy to use. I'm using paginating_find at the moment because will_paginate wasn't compatible with another plugin I was using and I couldn't be bother to hack it at the time.

rubynuby wrote:

I use will_paginate, some reasons and how to use it is give here