What can go into the User model to allow users to have profiles?

I'm learning Rails and still a little unclear as to what goes where.

In my app I want to have Users (which I'll probably use
restful_authentication or authlogic). So I set up my Users model
(which I can follow), but how do I allow users to have "profile" pages
for pics, about me's, and blog posts for that user? Would that be set
up in another model then tied back to the Users model? Or, could a
user's profile be enabled directly in the User model? (I don't think
so because the User has some sensitive information in it (email,
password) and it's not a good idea to put the two together, right?)

So, how does everyone allow their Users to have profile pages? I'm
sure there's a lot of ways to do this, but whats the generally
accepted, or most common, way to do this? A user model AND a profile
model, which is tied to the user_id? Or is there a better way?

Thank you for any and all input. It's greatly appreciated.

(side note: are there any screencasts that show how this is done? I'm
still going through the railscasts, as well as some other screencasts
I've found on various sites, so I might eventually find it. Just
didn't know if anybody knew of any offhand.)