User profiles and settings setup with restful_authentication?

I've created a simple signup/login for our site using
restful_authentication, but I'd like to add some features while
staying with a REST design and I'm not sure what the best route to
take is. I'd like:

- public 'profile' page and the ability for users to edit their
profile (i.e: /profiles/rob)
- 'settings' page where they can change/update their email/password

restful_authentication comes with a User model / Users controller that
stores your name/email/password, so I'm thinking the settings page
should just be '/users/rob;edit'.

I then think for 'profiles' it would be good to make it a seperate
controller/model and associate it with a user_id. So '/profiles/rob',
'/profiles/rob;edit', and so forth.

Anyone have any thoughts or different ways to do this?


users/rob would be fine for public profiles. But, do whatever your app needs...

the semi-colon form is now deprecated. It's now been changed to
/users/rob/edit since it wasn't compatible on all browsers (I think
Safari was causing a problem)