Weird problem with json rendering of model of relationship in Rails 3.0.4


I've got a relationship through a one_to_many :though relationship:


class TodaysOrdersController < ApplicationController

  respond_to :json

  before_filter :require_user

  authorize_resource :class => false

  def create
    @patient = Patient.find(params[:patient_id])
    @todays_order_of_patient =
DailyOrder.create_or_find_todays_order_for_patient @patient
    respond_with(@todays_order_of_patient, :location => nil, :include
=> :courses)


class DailyOrder < ActiveRecord::Base

  # Relationships
  has_many :course_orders
  has_many :courses, :through => :course_orders

  has_many :patient_orders
  has_one :patient, :through => :patient_orders

  def self.create_or_find_todays_order_for_patient(patient)
      daily_order = DailyOrder.create
      PatientOrder.create(:patient => patient, :daily_order =>
daily_order, :order_for_date =>


The rendering result of the controller response with something like
{"marked_for_destruction"=>false, "changed_attributes"=>{},
"attributes"=> {"additional_information"=>"....", "id"=>"594369222"},
"readonly"=>false, "errors"=>{}, "previously_changed"=>{},
"destroyed"=>false, "attributes_cache"=>{}, "new_record"=>false}

But i want the "right"json output which looks like that:
{"additional_information"=>"....", "id"=>"594369222"}

Do you know whats wrong here?

Hi ,
I thing you are trying to get the @todays_order_of_patient object
including the child object in
a nested json. If that is what you are trying to accomplish try this:

   respond_with(@todays_order_of_patient, :location => nil, :include
=> :courses)
with this:
   respond_with(@todays_order_of_patient.to_json( :include
=> :courses), :location => nil)

OR version 2 :

   respond_to : json - on the top
and replace the controler respond with:

  respond_to do |format|
    format.json { render :json => @todays_order_of_patient
object.to_xml(:include => :courses) }

In create controller you should put something like
respond_to do |format|
      format.html # show.html.erb
      format.xml { render :xml => @model }
      format.json {render :json => @model}
Also in you have to call it in the browser with .json in order to show
it in that format
if you just are callin normal it will never render out

Hi LeonS,

When you use respond_with it's render result is always in format HTML
unless you specify the contrary thing in your route. For example:

http://localhost:3000/today_orders/15 # This way you will render the

http://localhost:3000/today_orders/15.json # This way you will render
the JSON instead the HTML

If you want to set by default to render in JSON format, in your routes
you could configure it like this:

resources :today_orders, :defaults => {:action => "create", :format =>

Luis Galaviz