WebRtc chat app with Rails 6

I wanna use channel for 2 users to chat privately with each other but channels are hard coded into the app To build for 2 people to chat privately I would have to create channels on the fly because if 2 people chat in a channel and then 2 other people begin a chat in the same channel then there would be 4 users in the channel What to do?


and for those new to fugee who think this is a little harsh


I don’t think you’ll find a single question where the smallest amount of effort has been shown before he asks the group to do his work for him

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FWIW Rob is not libelling you - and I’m pretty sure he’s not rooting for a beauty pageant either :wink:

it’s a simple google - and just a little bit of effort on your part: https://www.google.com/search?q=web+channel+rails

Channels are meant to be for ‘all’ to publish/subscribe to - but you could devise a way to narrow the channel like

consumer.subscriptions.create({ channel: “ChatChannel”, room: “A Room for me and my best pal Rob!" })

I thought I’d be creating a channel called let’s say “room” I’m surprised to see the room argument passed to subscriptions.create I guess I do have some more reading to do

Thanks Can you show me where I would use the room: value pair elsewhere to limit the chat to the intended 2 users only

guess what; The Rails Action Cable guide talks about authorization


I know it’s pretty obscure, and not somewhere you would expect to look, but Google has your back too


Thanks Will read asap Working on the video part right now I had already decided to limit the participants of the text chat with a where filter to @messages= in the controller Does that sound about right?