Webinar: Ruby on Rails: Automating with Chef, Capistrano, Git, Puppet & SVN #rormeetup

Ruby on Rails: Automating with Chef, Capistrano, Git, Puppet & SVN #rormeetup

Corporate Sponsors : Rapleaf (San Francisco) and Mixbook (San Jose) Topic : Automating Ruby-on-Rails Deployments using Chef, Capistrano, Git, Puppet & SVN RSVP for Meetup Here: Login to Meetup | Meetup RSVP for Live Stream Webinar Here: Login to Meetup | Meetup Twitter Hash Tag for Meetup and Webinar: #rormeetup

RapLeaf Presentations Bryan Duxbury RapLeaf's analysis team lead will talk about Rapleaf's new open source key-value store named "Hank". Hank is a Batch- Updateable Read-Only Key/Value Distributed Database. He will go over how it differs from other distributed database options, how Rapleaf uses it, and briefly touch on the architecture of the system. (github link: https://github.com/bryanduxbury/hank) Liberty Young of Ops at RapLeaf will present how Rapleaf utilizes its deploy system based on Capistrano, SVN, and Puppet. He will discuss the pros and cons of each system and answer any questions from the audience.

Mixbook Presentations Aryk Grosz is MixBook's Co-Founder and CTO who will make a presentation on how Mixbook automates and uses Ruby on Rails deployments using Chef and GIT. Sahil Cooner is Senior DevOps at Mixbook and will focus his presentation on the actual application deployment and demonstrate a deployment using RoR, Chef, and GIT.

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RapLeaf Rapleaf is a San Francisco-based startup with an ambitious vision: we want every person to have a meaningful, personalized experience – whether online or offline. We want you to see the right content at the right time, every time. We want you to get better, more personalized service. To achieve this, we help Fortune 2000 companies gain insight into their customers, engage them more meaningfully, and deliver the right message at the right time. We also help consumers understand their online footprint. https://www.rapleaf.com/