Visual Effect: insert new stuff, then slide open

Hi guys: Thanks for your help so far - think I've progressed pretty far
down the Rails front but I think I'm getting stuck, maybe you can help
me out:

I've got a twitter like app where I'm trying to display new tweets as
they come in. This is what I'm doing right now:

render :update do |page|
    page.insert_html :top, 'tweebs-box', :partial => 'livetweebs'

...which, of course, takes the new content and inserts it before the
current set on the screen. What i'd like to do is to have it slide down
elegantly upon the insert, instead of just snap down. I've been thinking
of an easy way to do this but this is the only way I can think of: maybe
there is an easier way?

1. display the page the first time with a div for the current stuff and
a hidden div above it for the new stuff to come
2. load the content into the hidden div
3. slide down the new div, thus pushing the current div down
4. insert a new div above this div for the next set to be inserted into

Is there an easier way?



Chris Kalaboukis wrote:

try this, if it helps

Piyush Choudhary wrote:

try this, if it helps

Hi Piyush: I tried that. I can't get it to move down smoothly...