Anna ha scritto:

Hi everybody! I'm new at ruby on rails, I'm trying to create a view like

*%= semantic_form_for :routes_status_race, :url =>
status_race_admin_routes_path do |f| %>*
*<% contact_array = {|contact| [,]}%>*
*<% route_importer_array = {|importer|
*<b>Contact: <select
*<b>Route Importer: <select size=
*<b>Import(csv): <%= f.file_field :uploaded_data, :size => "20" %></b>*
*<b> **<%= submit_tag('Import', { :class => "Button" }) %></b>*

*<% end %>*

The problem is that is just showing the first options_for_select, I mean
right now I can see in the browser just Contact, but if I change the
order and write Route Importer before I just can see Route Importer. The
Import(csv) and the button are working right. Any idea that why I just
can see the first select option and not both? Thanks in advance!

Check the resulting html code, I think you're missing </select> in both select