View error

Hello everybody,

i'm trying to link a new view but it fails. Here is the code:

in the view I have the next link

<%= link_to I18n.t(''),
blogs_group_path(@group) %>

and went i clink on it i have the next error in the browser:

undefined method `blogs_group_path' for #<ActionView::Base:0x63267d8>

In the desert_routes i put the route:

with_options(:controller => 'groups') do |group|
  group.tag_groups '/groups/tag/:tag', :action =>
  group.blogs '/:group_id/blogs', :action
=> 'blogs'

and i want to know why fail my code. Can anyone help me?

Thanks and apologize me.

Why do you apologize?

anyway the problem is that, it should be like this


whenever something is scoped /nested the parent goes first