Problems with an id

Hello everybody,

I have one problem because i don't know how to pass the id of a group
that i have in my application.

Here is the code:

I have one link to show all the blogs of the current group

  <%= link_to I18n.t('tog_social.groups.model.view_all_blogs'),
blogs_groups_path(@group) %>

and in the controller i don't know what i have to put to see all the
blogs of this group, and render the view blogs.html.erb

  def blogs
    @group = params[:group]
    id =
    @blogs = Blog.find(:all, :conditions => {:id_referencia =>
id, :tipo => 'Grupo'})
    @order = params[:order] || 'created_at'
    @page = params[:page] || '1'
    @asc = params[:asc] || 'desc'
    @blogs = @blogs.paginate :per_page => 10,
                                :page => @page,
                                :order => @order + " " + @asc

    respond_to do |format|
       format.html { render :template => "groups/blogs"}
       format.xml { render :xml => @blogs }


and in the view blogs.html.erb I have this but this fail:

<!--Portlet para mostrar los blogs del grupo actual-->
<div class="portlet portletM" id="portlet_blogs_group">
    <h2><span><%= I18n.t('') %></span></
  <!--Buscamos en la tabla blogs los blogs que tenga id_referencia
igual a la id del grupo actual
      y que sea del tipo grupo-->
  <%@blogs = Blog.find(:all, :conditions => {:id_referencia =>
group_id, :tipo => 'Grupo'}) -%>

  <div class="portlet_content">
          <!--Si hay blogs-->
          <% if @blogs.length > 0 %>
      <!-- los recorremos todos y para cada uno mostramos un enlace al
blog y cuando fue creado-->
              <% @blogs.each do |blog| -%>
                <li class="clearfix">
                  <div class="image left"><img src="/images/
            <div class="title"><%= link_to "#{sanitize
textilize(blog.title)}", conversatio_blog_path(blog), :title =>
"#{sanitize(blog.title)}" %></div>
                  <div class="text">
                      <%= I18n.t('tog_social.groups.model.created_at')
%> <%=I18n.l(blog.created_at, :format => :long)%>
              <% end -%>
        <!--Paginamos los blogs en el el portlet-->
      <!--sino había blogs lo indicamos mediante un mensaje.-->
      <% else -%>
        <%= I18n.t('tog_social.groups.model.no_blogs_for_this_group') %>
      <% end -%>
</div> <!-- /.portlet_pluginsTog -->

and show me the next error: NameError in Groups#blogs

Showing vendor/plugins/tog_social/app/views/groups/blogs.html.erb
where line #6 raised:

undefined local variable or method `group_id' for #<ActionView::Base:

Extracted source (around line #6):

3: <h2><span><%= I18n.t('') %></span></
4: <!--Buscamos en la tabla blogs los blogs que tenga id_referencia
igual a la id del grupo actual
5: y que sea del tipo grupo-->
6: <%@blogs = Blog.find(:all, :conditions => {:id_referencia =>
group_id, :tipo => 'Grupo'}) -%>
8: <div class="portlet_content">
9: <ul>




Can anyone help me. How can i pass the id of the group.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks i resolved the problem it was a shit that i was programming.