Version reporting mis-match

Cody Skidmore wrote:

After updating to Rails 1.2.1 using gem, I updated my project using
Rake. Next, I tried verifying the rails version in my app. If you
execute "Rails -v", it reports 1.2.1. But if you execute "ruby
script\about" it reports Rails 1.1.6, or if you previously used Edge
Rails, it report 1.2.0.

Does this look like part of the update didn't take?

I created a fresh project using Rails 1.2.1, and it reports the correct
version in both.

Existing projects that are relying on your system-wide gems need
config/environment.rb to be manually updated. The environment.rb was
generated for you when you initially ran the "rails" command to
generate your app, and it hard-codes the version of the rails gem you
were using at that time. So just update the value in your
environment.rb file.