Version Numbers for the RC Release

Hey guys,

So the last time we did an RC we chose the version number of 2.0.99, and this caused some problems for people and led to a pretty heated test. So, the draft plan this time is:

* 2.2.0 for RC1 * 2.2.0.N for RCN * 2.2.1 for Final 2.2 release

However, this is 'kinda weird' so before we commit to that plan, I'd like to review the reasons people gave for wanting to make this change.

So if you were bitten by the previous numbering scheme, can you please let us know the scenario which bit you and how this new version number may or may not help.


It might be more consistent to make RC1 be, but this is fine.

The basic idea is that 2.1 is not 2.2. If people want to stay on 2.1, or do a version check (for backward compatibility code in a plugin, for example), they can do checks like this “=2.1.0”, and not pick up any RC or release version “>=2.2.0”

For more info on this topic, see the rubygems manual and ZenSpider’s post:


– Chad