Variable Scope Within a controller

I have a controller for registering an user. i am not able to use the instance variable @username in "Process". How do i use them ? and also is it safe to declare usernames and passwords as global variables.

While process and register are two instance methods of your controller, if your user first goes to the register page and then to the process page then those are two difference instances of RegisterController. In a real world deployment they could be handled by different instances of mongrel/unicorn/passenger/etc, possibly by different servers. Global variables are also a bad idea. Your choices for state are pretty much the database, cookies (or the session, but that sits on top of either cookies or the database) or, to some extent the html that you spit out



is just an idea but you can try to store this data in the flash hash, than kind of behavior is why flash hash exist.

Cristian Vasquez MedellĂ­n - Colombia