validating when form labels don't match table fields


I have a model where the attribute names don’t match exactly what I’d
like to use for labels for the input s on my view. For example, my
model order has an attribute “ordered_by_first_name” and I’d like the

label on the view to be “Your first name”. Fine. Except that if I use
really nice validation helpers I can’t fully override the error
message. I can use :message but it always sticks in the model

attribute name. This will cause some confusion and I was hoping to
make things a little more user friendly on the view.

My order model has other attributes that refer to people’s names in
them (no, I’m not entirely normalized).

I guess it goes without saying that I was hoping to use
error_messages_for in the view.

Anyone have any suggestions for when the model names don’t match what
you’d want to present to a user?


Mike Poirier wrote:

Anyone have any suggestions for when the model names don't match what
you'd want to present to a user?

If you use a custom validation you can use:
self.errors.add_to_base("full message") to specify a full message. I
am not sure how to override the attribute name for the default error

Dan Manges