/usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory

I am trying to make my application (OpenProject) starting with the
system boot, but to test the script as root, returns me the error:

/usr/bin/env:ruby: No such file or directory.

My script is like this:

#! / bin / bash RAILS_ENV = "production" cd / home / openproject /
openproject su -c openproject "bundle exec rails server"

Someone help?

Space, not colon. /usr/bin/env is a command, ruby is an argument to that command.

Sorry, responded too quickly. What follows #! should be the path to the interpreter for the script. So have you really jumbled it all onto one line with lots of extra spaces in the path names, or is that just something that happened when you copied & pasted??? Anyway, should probably be something like:

#! /bin/bash


With the command being some that you’ve tested and established actually works—because what you’ve posted in your email certainly wont’ (spaces in the path to your project).

Thanks for your reply, in which file I should edit?

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