Using simply_helpful and producing valid CSS


The latest simply_helpful generates dom id's using underscores. It
seems to me that the RoR community is unofficialing standardizing on
that format.

<p id="admin_user">

Most CSS designers use camelCase. It seems that there are some
compatibility issues with using underscores.

1. Why doesn't RoR follow the standard and use camelCase?

Camel case isn't a standard I think. It works but, if there's a
'standard' at all, and I'm not saying there is, it'd be using '-' so
'admin-user' rather than 'admin_user'.

2. What are the exact problems with using underscores? Is it worth

It is illegal in CSS1, and was illegal in CSS2 until an errata was
published circa 2001. Before the errata, you had to escape
underscores, like 'admin\_user' and many browsers screwed that up
(probably still do). This is for both class names and ids by the way.