Using simply_helpful and producing valid CSS

Robert James wrote:

Most CSS designers use camelCase. It seems that there are some
compatibility issues with using underscores.

1. Why doesn't RoR follow the standard and use camelCase?

Where did you get that camelCase is some kind of standard? Of all the
CSS books I have in my shelf (there are plenty of them, ranging from
B(udd) to Z(eldman)), only CSS Mastery uses camelcase in some places,
and even it doesn't use it consistently. Most seem to favour using

2. What are the exact problems with using underscores? Is it worth it?

Netscape before 4.79 and Opera versions 5 and below didn't support it
(see[1]). Since they are very old (I haven't had a single request from
either during the whole year on my site), I don't see any reason to
avoid it.