Using partials - performance impact

Good questions. While my test isnt the most detailed and doesnt have
10 different partials (only 2) It does demonstrate a "slight" speed
increase for straight rhtml.
I tested straight rhtml, partial with a collection and partial with
local. The html for th collection is a little different...too lazy to
Feel free to take the app and modify it to make the test more
detailed. You can download the app here:
Uses sqlite3 and railsbench.

I tested using railsbench perf_run 200 -bm=main_controller

the results:

loading environment 2.06392

page request total stddev% r/s ms/r
main_index 3.94083 9.4458 50.75 19.70
main_collection_index 4.41511 7.0973 45.30 22.08
main_local_index 4.24100 6.4577 47.16 21.21

all requests 12.59695 7.1636 47.63 20.99

- Richard