Using OpenID as Single-Sign-On option for rails apps?


I investigated the possibilities for creating a single-sign-on service for two custom rails applications and a beast forum. The two apps use the restful_authentication plugin, slightly modified. I read about different SSO approaches and found OpenID pretty nice. So I’d like to know whether there are others who have used OpenID for their app suite.

Basically I would like to setup the openid server, then adapt my apps to use this server for register, login, change password and so on. Is that the way to go or are their more appropriate SSO solutions for rails applications?

Thanks in advance, Tino

This is what Highrise and Beast currently use:

Also, you don't have to setup your own OpenID server, there are plenty of them out there.

Thank you Rick for pointing me to the openid plugin, I didn’t recognize that. I thought about using a public OpenID server, but it doesn’t fit into the solution I would like to have. So probably I’ll use a own OpenID server to be kind of independent and more flexible.


I wrote some info on integrating that plugin with the
acts_as_authenticated plugin here: authenticated/