OpenID Sample Application

In case you haven't seen it, a few days ago I posted a sample Rails application that integrates the open_id_authentication and restful_rails plugins to give you a good start at building a OpenID-enabled application. Details here:

Thanks Benjamin,
You're effort are very much appreciated. I've read and studied Rails
for the last six months and your sample application gave me the
incentive to actually start building a REAL project!
My only question is:
What will be the procedure to maintain the updates to all of the code
you present in this product? I expect it will be the platform for my
web apps for many years and would like to make sure it stays
concurrent with the most recent versions of Rails.
Thanks, for a fine job Ben.
David Kennedy

Well, I guess if there are any updates to the sample app that I will post an update to my blog. :slight_smile: