Using one model's attribute in another model's method

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I'm slightly new at Rails, so any help would be appreciated!

I have two models that have no association with each other (but they would
probably be many-to-many). One is called 'Course' and contains seed data of
Golf Courses. The other is called 'Player' and contains user entered
information. Ultimately, I want to show a table in my view that displays
all the golf courses appropriate for the player, based upon some
calculations I'm doing in my Player model. However, I need to utilize some
of the attributes from the Course model in my calculations.

Right now, all my methods are in the Player model, so I'm doing something
like this but am getting an 'undefined method 'Course' error. What am I

class Model < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :attr_1, :attr_2, ...etc

  def handicap_differences
    Course.handicap (This is what I'm using to call the Course handicap,
but it's not working out) - player_handicap + some more math

Course.handicap() is a class method. I.e., not specific to any course

And you will have fewer problems if the class name matches the file name.
E.g. in player.rb (all lower case).

class Player < ActiveRecord::Base

What is the class name in course.rb? Is it also Model? It should be Course.