Using MySQL with Rails

If I want to use MySQL instead of sqlite3 when creating a Rails
application, apart from creating the application with the -d mysql and
configuring the config/database.yml file is there anything else I did
to do/download?


You need to install the mysql gem too.

sudo gem install mysql

You need the mysql gem and you need a mysql server. How you get the
server depends on what OS you are using.


Assuming you've installed MySQL, no. That's all it takes.

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Is something not working then? What problem do you have? Look in
development.log for more information if you are not getting a useful


Not sure what is two replies from last night have
failed to turn up?!

gem list mysql returned nothing so I installed the MySQL driver based
on the instructions in config/database.yml, using the following

sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386" gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-

gem list mysql now returns mysql (2.8.1)

However, now when I check the skeleton application by visiting and checking on the "About your application's
environment" I get a "NameError in Rails/infoController#properties"
message, with additional info "uninitialized constant

Any ideas?