Using ms access 97 as local db backend for rails on win


Please be aware that the odbc-rails adapter doesn't currently support
MS Access. The adapter isn't completely generic in that the adapter
requires some database-specific information which ODBC cannot provide.
Consequently, the adapter contains specific entries for each database
currently supported. However, it's straightforward to modify the
adapter to support a new database for which an ODBC driver exists.
Alternatively, you could export your Access tables to one of the
supported databases.

If you were to do this, your database.yml file should contain
something similar to:

  adapter: odbc
  dsn: local_odbc_name
  username: rails_dev
  password: rails_dev
  emulate_booleans: true
  trace: false

i.e. dsn refers to a Data Source Name configured with your ODBC

Carl Blakeley