Using geokit-rails3 and getting Unknown key(s): bounds

Hello posted this question in the Geokit group but there seems to be
very little activity in that forum som i will try here instead.

No on to my little problem

class IntrestPoint < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_mappable :default_units => :kilometers,
                   :lat_column_name => :lattitude,
                   :lng_column_name => :longitude,
                   :auto_geocode => {:field => :address, :error =>
'could not geocode adress'}

i have set up a class like this, now if i enter an adress in my rails
app it gets
correctly geocoded into long and lat so far so god.

But when i try to query for a certain bounds like this

    def get_intrest_points_within_bounds
     @ne_point_ =params[:ne_point]
     @intrest_point =
     respond_to do |format|
       format.xml {render :xml => @intrest_point}
       format.json {render :json => @intrest_point}

all i get is an ActionController Exeption Unknown key(s): bounds
all my parameters in the url seem to be fine


the same goes for :within so im guessing something is not included the
way it should be which brings me to my next question i have seen some
tutorials state that you should have the line include Geokit::Mappable
but where do i put this line ? or is it something that is deprecated
since rails3 ?( my best guess is that the include should be in my
IntrestPoint model but act_as_mappable and reverse geocoding seems to
work even if i dont put include anywhere)

totally new to the web world here so mabey i am missing something
really simple (i am a c/c++ programmer mainly with some obj-c latley)