Using Dropbox in Rails

Hi everyone,

This is my first time using an API and I'm lost. I basically need to
create a Rails app that authenticates a user, lists their dropbox
folders, and allows the user to upload files to the folders.

I know Dropbox has tutorials for all the above, but they're very
confusing. I tried following them but I seem to miss something. I'm not
always sure where the code goes in the rails app and I'm not sure
whether I need to install gems for authentication and file upload (do I
need gems like Sorcery or Carrierwave? or is the Dropbox gem alone

I searched for tutorials explaining how use the Dropbox API but couldn't
find anything that made any sense. They all assume that the person
reading the tutorial knows where each fragment of code goes, which isnt
my case.

Could anyone recommend/share resources or tutorials on how to achieve
the above? I'd really appreciate it!

thanks a lot!

I think I’ve tried the gem before but have since switched to the
chooser solution since it was a lot easier to implement. In your

case, since you want to save to the user’s dropbox folder, just

use the saver solution

thanks so much Jim I'm going to try this!

I could really use some help. I keep getting this error and I can't
figure out how to fix it. Does it have anything to do with the redirect
URIs in the App Console > Settings of the Dropbox app I created?

I'm running into lots of bugs and spent the entire day trying to figure
them out. Nothing seems to work and I think most of the problems I'm
facing come from my routes.

If anyone's free to help me out through Skype I'd give them a github
link to my code. Thanks to anyone who can help.