[ActiveStorage][Feature Proposal] Adding Support of Dropbox

Hello Team,

I want to add the support of Dropbox to the ActiveStorage.

I really hope that it will help lots of people those really need to consume dropbox as the storage option for their projects similar to other Cloud Storage Services.
Well, I have implemented this ability to support Dropbox with in the ActiveStorage in one of my Private Project but I want to make it publicly available so I am thinking to add this support directly to the ActiveStorage module of Rails Project.

Team, Is it feasible to add the support of Dropbox to ActiveStorage ? I am happy to raise the PR soon if It’s good to go.

I am happy to have the views on it.


Ashish Prajapati



I think Active Storage has the amount of built in services we want. Akin to Active Job queues and Active Record databases, we don’t want every option directly but gems are cool!

So if you made an activestorage-dropbox gem on your account that would be sweet!

Thanks Kasper,

Yeah, It's a great option and will be really great! I will definitely
create activestorage-dropbox gem.

Hello Kasper,

I have completed the work of the *Dropbox Support for Active Storage*. And
now, I released the *gem activestorage_dropbox* and it provides the
capability to support Dropbox as a storage for Active Storage.

*Dropbox Support for Active Storage - Official Gem *[
Activestorage::Service::DropboxService ]
( Wraps the Dropbox Storage Service as an Active Storage service. )


gem 'activestorage_dropbox'

Ashish Prajapati

Congratulations on the release, and thank you for sharing your work!

Seconded, congrats on the release!

Curious, why you're saying [Official] on RubyGems? It’s just a regular old gem and I don’t see what’s official about it https://rubygems.org/gems/activestorage_dropbox

Also a little annoying that the activestorage-dropbox gem name got squatted by someone else right after I had suggested it https://github.com/abhinavmsra/activestorage-dropbox

Happy maintaining! :smile:

Kasper, I am saying it (https://rubygems.org/gems/activestorage_dropbox)
[Official] because someone else squatted the name `activestorage-dropbox`
:frowning: at the same day when you suggested me to start working on it. So, I
just used *activestorage_dropbox *name and calling it *official* so people
will find the original one and will not get confused with the other one
activestorage-dropbox ( I saw it and It's just a blank copy of gem. It's
just for squatting the name activestorage-dropbox. ) I felt bit unhappy
after seeing it :frowning:

But, I did my job and I came up with activestorage_dropbox name (


I’ve sent an email to him and cc’ed you on it. Let’s continue privately and see if we can’t get the name.

Thanks again!

Sure.. Many thanks Kasper.


Thanks for your email. It worked and we got the name 'activestorage-dropbox
<https://rubygems.org/gems/activestorage-dropbox>'. I am also thanking
Abhinav to help us in this.

I released the gem here :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thanks to you and Abhinav :heart:


Great work…