Using Checkboxes and Ajax to Assign Categories

Hi All,

I have an 'admin' controller in which I have a 'show_product' action. In the view of this action, I have a list of names of the categories w/ checkboxes to the left of each.

What I am trying to do is to allow the administrator to just check off the categories in this show_product view and have it add the product to the category.

That part I am not able to figure out is how to display the list of categories & checkboxes and create observe_form's or observe_field's to send the product_id and category_id to the action that will do the logic part.

Here is the code I've got:

# @categories & @product is available to the show_product action as variables

# _categories.rhtml (partial gets called into the show_product.rhtml <% if @categories %>   <% for category in @categories %>   <div style="clear:both">     <form id='<%= %>'>     <%= check_box :category_id, :value => %>     <%= label :category, :name, %>     <%= observe_form,   :frequency => 1.0,   :update => 'category_notice',   :url => {           :controller => 'admin',           :action => 'update_product_category' },           :with => "'category=' + encodeURIComponent($('').value) + '&product=' + encodeURIComponent($('@product').value)" %>     </form>   </div>   <% end %> <br /><br /> <% else %>   <p>No categories found.</p> <% end %>