UserMailer Issue - Can any one help??

Hi there everyone!

I am looking to add email functionality to my project, whilst
following the railsspace tutorial.

The book suggests that I add the following into the environment.rb

It sounds like what you've done is add this too early in
environment.rb, ie before rails itself is loaded. A safe place to put
this stuff is in the per-environment configuration files (ie config/
environments/production.rb) - you don't want your development machine
sending out real emails to your users.

As i'm running this in production, what do I use for these settings,
as I dont have usernames, passwords etc...

That depends on your mail setup. If the smtp server you're using
doesn't require authentication then you can leave out settings related
to authentication.


Thanks for that,

I have added it to the development area and now get the following

Rails 2.3.3 application starting on

400:in `method_missing': undefined method `server_settings=' for
ActionMailer::Base:Class (NoMethodError)

now i guess this is because i havent yet defined the server settings,

If I'm running on development on localhost/3000 why would i need any
specific settings?

Sorry if this is a daft question, but it seems to me that this should

Apologies all...

seems like the issue was with ''server_settings'.

This was deprecated as of rails1.2.1.

This is now replaced with smtp_settings.

No errors now!

thanks Fred! You got me in the right direction!

One suggestion would be to follow the recommendation at the railsspace
site ( which is: