URL link and routes issue

HI all,

I have two problem so i thought i would put them together. First problem
is that i can not what out how to get <%= link_to 'Show', test %> into
a <a href=" here "></a> for the post i have selected. I have got to the
point where i have got <%= test %> would just displays
#<Job:0x007fcd15570168> in the address bar instead of i.e /tests/1 etc.

How can this be done?

Second problem is with the routes. I have routes generated form the
resources :tests when i run scaffold but the when i create a match to
something it keeps on saying "Couldn't find Job with id=whatever". I did
as follows:-

match 'tests/index' => 'tests#index' which comes back "Couldn't find
Job with id=index"
match "/tests/google" => redirect("http://www.google.co.uk") which
comes back "Couldn't find Job with id=google"

What i can understand is that i have a link /test/:id which is causing
the problem, but the thing i don't understand is that there is a link
/tests/new which works so whats stopping my matches working as these
links that was generated automatically are not in the routes.

Any help with these will be great


Sorry the second problem i sorted. I noticed that it is priority bases
so i put the matches above the resources: tests and it worked!.

So the only issue is the first one now.


Don't worry i sorted it