link_to, urls and bots - oh my

Greetings all,

I'm on rails 1.2.3, using link_to is giving us a bit of a problem.

The route in question is:

   map.resources :reviews do |review|      review.resources :votes    end

and the code of concern is:

   link_to "Yes", votes_path(review, :helpful => helpful

produces the following:

<a onclick="var f = document.createElement('form'); = 'none'; this.parentNode.appendChild(f); f.method = 'POST'; f.action = this.href;f.submit();return false;" href="/reviews/1948/votes?helpful=true">Yes</a>

As you can se, the href doesn't consider the method, which in this case is a post.

The server gets the :get, and renders an index.

The href is used both by bots, and by users opening the link in a new window. Both suck,

I Searched RailsTrac, but no love!

any thoughts? Did I missing something obvious?

cheers, Jodi