Upstreaming Writebook text editor to Rails?

Thanks a lot to 37signals for their new Writebook app. It has an ActionText::Markdown extension with a new custom editor (not Trix). Is there any possibility for this to be upstreamed into Action Text so that other projects may benefit? Also, apparently only a minified version of the editor toolbar JS is available (under vendor/javascript/house.min.js). Anyone knows where the source code may be found?

There seems to be very little communication about this new app so far but perhaps I am missing some announcement. Has 37signals’ position regarding upstreaming parts of it to Rails been communicated somewhere?


Ok here’s the answer, great!

We built a new Markdown editor for this called House.

Will be a stand-alone project soon. But before we release something like that, we want to use it in anger on a real project, and see what falls out of that. So that’s what we’re doing now.

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