Uploading files asynchronously

Hi, now I have working a form for upload images. I'm using
'nested_form', 'paperclip' and 'aws-s3' for storage. All works fine
but I would get better. The problem is that the user select the images
that want upload but until the user do submit the images is not
uploading. It is not nice, because sometimes the user can wait for a
long time. The idea is upload the images with Ajax, like Gmail, and
then, if the user don't do sumbit, somehow delete the images that
aren't being used.

Any help is welcome. An example, a gem, or some advice. Thanks.


Use http://blueimp.net jquery-based ajax uploader.

Thanks Dheeraj. This seems all I needed.

I have been investigating and I have finded Uploadify. What about it
compared to Jquery Ajax Uploader?