Ajax or similiar file upload ?

I have not been able to get a multiple file upload to work in ajax,
and I see a number of references that it can't be done in ajax because
of javascript security, which I now recall. I also have seen references
to other ways of doing it using plugins and so on. How hard is it to
get one of these plugins to work and what would be a good plug in to
use ? What are these plugins using ? I also saw some reference to doing
it in iframes ... Any code examples on that ?

Here's sort of what I had tried:

<%= form_remote_tag(:update => "uptab",
                     :url => {:action => "image_update", :id => 0,
:multipart => true},
                     :multipart => true) %>

Check out sean treadway’s plugin responds_to_parent AJAX + IFRAME-y goodness: http://sean.treadway.info/svn/plugins/responds_to_parent/README

If you’re comfortable with a bit of JavaScript and don’t mind expecting your users to have flash installed, you could have a look at http://labb.dev.mammon.se/swfupload/

It allows upload progress visualisation too.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt