Upload File Using form_remote_tag?

Is it possible to create a multipart form that uploads the file using
an AJAX remote call? I'm having a hard time figuring out the syntax
if it is possible!


Hi, I can tell you that is absolutely not possible to upload files
with AJAX or Javascript of any kind. JS has always been prevented from
accessing the client filesystem as a basic security feature. The only
way is regular POST


Which is but one solution to the problem. I prefer SWFUpload (http://swfupload.mammon.se/), because it doesn’t involve polling the server for upload progress (the small flash movie monitors the upload stream) and it allows better file selection (filtering of files, max size, multiple selections in dialog, …). You can see an implementation at http://demo.placid.be/albums/11;manage

It isn't possible. You can upload to a hidden div, though. Here's a plugin that helps with that: