upgrading to ruby 1.9.2

i guess this problem (upgrading ruby to 1.9.2) was already discussed alot, but i couldnt find THE answer for me.

here my situation and what a got so far.

now: windows 7 ruby 1.8.6 rails 2.3.4 mysql server 5.0.11 everythings running smoothly

now i need to upgrade to ruby 1.9.2 due to some needed features.

upgrade to ruby 1.9.2 but i like to stay with rails 2.3.4 for now => problems with utf-8 encoding ==> solved with magic comments (# encoding: utf-8) in the respective files => error with "secure_compare" ==> solved => error with "incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8" ==> i googled the prob and got the tip to use "mysql2"-gem => error on "gem install mysql2" ==> *.h liberies missing so i upgraded mysql to 5.5.11 => gem install mysql2 --platform=ruby -- '--with-mysql-include="C:\...\include" --with-mysql-lib="C:\...\lib" --no-ri --no-rdoc' worked => since i still use rails 2.3.4 if put this in the environment.rb "config.gem 'mysql2'" => i copied the libmysql.dll to ruby/bin

BUT now i get: ArgumentError: NULL pointer given         from (eval):3:in `each_hash'         from (eval):3:in `all_hashes'

help please. as i figure it: the old mysql-adapter from rails 2.3.4 doesnt work with mysql 5.5.11, right? solutions?

thanks in advance

never mind ... i upgraded to rails 3.0.7 it seems to work.