Updating postitions in an acts as list model, with tet fields...

Hey all.

I'm trying to copy this example I found, which I'm assuming no longer
works.... that or I'm stupid... I want to have the position for each
"row" show up ina box, with a "update position" button that submits
the form, and updates the position... in retropect I shuld have used
the Draggable effect in Scriptaculous, it would have been faster.
Anyway, now I'm wondering how I would do this... Any help would be

I get a parameter that holds everything I want

{"commit"=>"Update Positions",
"948"=>{"position"=>"1"}, "949"=>{"position"=>"2"},
"1396"=>{"position"=>"5"}, "950"=>{"position"=>"3"},

where rate_group_additional_rate is the model's position I want to