Updating plugins

Just wondering, when I want to update a plugin, do I have to reinstall
it and do everything over again or is there any easier way?

• Piston (http://piston.rubyforge.org/))

• svn externals

• git submodules

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I wrote a gem called ext for doing subproject management in an SCM
agnostic manner. It allows you to use a mixture of git/svn projects
and works more like svn:externals than git-submodule.

It might not be of interest though because it does not currently allow
you to freeze a subproject at a specific revision. So your
subprojects will always be up to date, but the downside of this is if
an update to a subproject breaks the main project or a different
subproject, it could be annoying. I figured I'd mention it anyways.
A tutorial on how to use it is at http://nopugs.com/ext-tutorial

I'll probably add support for freezing to a specific revision in the
near future.