alternative to "script/plugin install -x" that works with git

I miss the svn:externals feature when installing plugins that are
managed under git. the -x switch used to do this.

I've released a gem called externals that manages subprojects in an
scm agnostic way so that I can use an svn:externals-like workflow with

It's used like this: ext install git://

This accomplishes the same thing as: script/plugin install -x
git:// (if you pretend -x works with

I maintain a tutorial on how to use this gem to install ext and
manage/deploy projects with subprojects managed in different SCMs at I've been using it for my own
projects and I find it really convenient.

The tutorial is rails-centric, though it can be used for any project type.

This is my first attempt at releasing a open source project to the
community, any advice on how to get people interested in this project
would be much appreciated.



how about git submodule?

git submodule add git:// vendor/
git submodule init
git submodule update

Hi Scott,

I have a lot of problems with git-submodule, and git-submodule was the
main reason I wrote externals. I explain some of the things I don't
like about git-submodule at:

Also, if the main project is managed by subversion, then you can't use
git-submodule to manage a subproject. (likewise if the main project
is managed via git with the subproject managed via svn.)