update the index view ajax

Dear rails mailing list,

First a big thank you to everyone for you past, present an future help.... learned a lot fro here.

I saw some relater threads on this but I need some more direct answers.

I generated with scaffold an object which has multiple attributes. Some of those attributes in the database get dynamically updated in the background in the background by some external scripts/delayed jobs etc.

How can I get the index view to dynamically update those attributes withought getting the user to manually refresh the web page?



Use Faye. http://faye.jcoglan.com/

Thanks Dheeraj but I don't think this is what im looking for as my app runs on heroku. I was hoping there would be a gem that solves this problem

One solution, probably the easiest, is to use javascript to
periodically request a page refresh (probably via AJAX).


You can run Faye on Heroku. https://github.com/ntenisOT/Faye-Heroku-Cedar

If you don’t want to use it, try PusherApp. If you don’t want to use that either, poll periodically with AJAX.