Updating the page dynamically

Hi, I'm developing a Rails application that displays data from MySQL
database table. I have an external python script that adds new rows to
the table. My goal is to dynamically add new rows to the html table
which is displayed in my browser (without reloading the page). I've
read that Ajax can handle this task ("periodically_call_remote"). But
I don't want to periodically call a special method that checks if
there is new row in the table and updates my html if needed, instead I
want to update the page only when my python script adds a new entity.
Any suggestions?

That's not possible.
Either the browser requests a new page or not.
You can only force it to do so with something like

While looking for the solution, I've found "The Juggernaut
plugin" ("The Juggernaut plugin for Ruby on Rails aims to
revolutionize your Rails app by letting the server initiate a
connection and push data to the client."). The only bad thing is that
the plugin can't interact with my python script.

Juggernaut is a Flash based solution for pushing data. It’s still the client that instantiates the connection to the push server (which runs seperately). Flash allows connections to be kept open in a way similar to Comet and other persistent connection setups. You can then interact with the user’s page by sending it a chunk of javascript. That Javascript is received by the little Flash file and injected into the page.

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Peter De Berdt

want to update the page only when my python script adds a new entity.
Any suggestions?

If the reason for this is that you don't want to query the database
far more frequently than the data is updated, you can use page
caching. Add a controller method that invalidates the cache; this can
be invoked by your python script. Then a periodic page refresh will no
longer hit the database until it has new rows.

Could you give me more detailed explanation (for a complete newbie)?
Seems like the method you've suggested will solve my problem.

Could you give a bit more detailed explanation of your solution (i'm
new to Rails and Ajax)?

Caching is built-in so it is discussed in pretty much any Rails book.
A good tutorial is here: http://www.railsenvy.com/2007/2/28/rails-caching-tutorial